Temporary storage. Elephant feet supports

DAKOTRANS offers storage services at all types of warehouses, including industrial, transit, customs, seasonal-storage, distribution and other warehouses.

Depending on a character of carriage and goods, as requested by a Client, goods might be placed at a particular warehouse, with all safety and security guarateed.

A non-crane method of unloading has recently become more and more popular. One of the options is to install goods onto pedestals named "Elephant feet".
Elephant feet is an engineering product representing special-purpose supports/pedestals purposed for temporary storage of OOG.
The target function of the support is to optimize space of a storage yard allotted . It also redudes unloading charges, for this method allows to walk away from an additional crane equipment, which lowers total expenses of any project.
Many times Elephant feet were used to implement projects required delicate actions, producing an expectable positive feedback for our Clients.