Multimodal (or “mixed”) transports

Traffic flows increased entailed the need of a so-called multimodal (or 'mixed') ttransport. This transport is unique for is distinct for several different modes of transport are used under a single shipment procedure. DAKOTRANS transpports goods multimodally all over the world. Once entered an international combined transport market, the company found lots of new foreigh partners and became a part of the comtemporary international logistics world. Cooperating to DAKOTRANS shall make you feel all multimodal transport advantages. There, where no standard solutions apply to carry goods, DAKOTRANS JSC stands on their own feet, shipping OOG by different modes of tranport.

Смешанная перевозка

In case of long distance to be covered, say, if goods to be carried from one continent to another or from/to an island, for instance, a multimodal carriage would be an alternative. Therefore, applying to one single company to execute the whole procedure would be much more convenient, as this particular company would deliver goods to a destination by several modes of transport. It is even more comfortable for a Customer as he makes only one contract, which means only one legal entity would be liable, with no red tape attached. And finally this kind of carriage brings down the cost of the whole carriage, which, beyond all doubt, remains a significant benefit in terms of internaitonal and domestic transports.