Overdimensional and heavy lift carriage by truck, by air, by rail and by sea


DAKOTRANS JSC arranges truck, sea, air and rail supplies to Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa. The international holding opened its offices in more than 25 countries all over the world which makes it possible to keep a close eye on the dates and quality for each project performed. DAKOTRANS specializes in multimodal transports of numerous overdimensional machinery and equipment, mostly, related to heavy industry and today is proud of its vast experience in the realm of OOG handling.

The company offers an integrated service, including:


  • Routing of carriage;
  • Selection of required vehicles and en-route coordination;
  • Project development, incluing handling of technical documents; cost estimations and project implementation;
  • Monitoring of shipment and escorting up to a destination point; informing customers on goods' location en-route; if required, use special gear to install super over-sized cargoes (positioning onto a foundation, loading and unloading by special lifting gear ).

DAKOTRANS JSC is liable for contracts, terms and conditions fixed, as well as for transport itself within an agreed timelines, specified in each particular contract. It guarantees safety of goods being supplied. Searching for a long-term partner, many Russian and foreign companies are prone to prefer DAKOTRANS to other forwarders.